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Scope of activity

ARDANI.NET focuses on software and web development. At present time we mainly develop individual projects by special orders, but we are able to develop retail products as well. We have about 6 years of previous experience in retail products development (for worldwide market) and we have some interesting ideas.

We are working both in Windows and Linux environments, using modern programming technique and tools. We are able to produce the following (but not only) main types of software:

  • Desktop systems for personal and office use like word processors, publishing systems (iceSculptor product under Linux, that is like PageMaker or QuarkXPress), graphics manipulation tools (e.g. raster images shaping tool) and others.
  • Web sites (design and development), using HTML, FLASH, XML, ASP, PHP, Java, Java Script, CGI.  We have developed E-commerce solution tools as well (programs Design Shop Gold and WebShop).
  • Database systems (MS SQL, Access, Fox Pro, MySQL and others). We are able to develop original Database engines for special purposes as well. Now we are in the process of finalizing a contact manager program under Linux, called Nexxus.
  • Multimedia products (image and sound manipulation). We have developed a musical CD player/grabber program under Linux, that can save files in wav and mp3 formats.
  • System utilities for Windows and Linux. We have developed an Apache server configurator under Linux Mohawk.
  • Some Network applications, like voicing communicators, messaging systems, and others. We have a semi-developed product under Linux for voice communication in LAN.

The above programs, that are developed under Linux, can be transformed to Windows platform as well.

Ardani.Net is WINNER 2002-2003

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